Print Storm Now Offers In-House Copywriting

That's something to write home about.

We’ve got good news – Copywriting has just been added to our long list of marketing services that help build, and create an identity for, your brand.

Writing copy is not just about finding words to sell or promote products and services, it’s about understanding what a brand stands for and adding the right touch of personality to messaging and communications.

When a business truly understands its brand, the way it connects with customers should be distinct and consistent. A brand should be identifiable not just by the way it looks but by its tone of voice and the way it behaves. Consistency generates familiarity and is fundamental to building loyalty and trust.

Our new service will help ensure that the tone of voice on your advertising and marketing materials represents your brand accurately, every time. We can help you communicate through an already established brand identity, or we can start from scratch, to help you find or refresh your voice.

Here are just a few of the copywriting services we are now providing:

Catchy headlines and calls to action
Every successful print ad, article, email or blog post begins with a strong headline, sometimes with a clear call to action. We’ll write headlines that encourage your audience to read on and into the body of your copy. We’ll write the body copy too.

Editing and transformation of corporate jargon
If you want to stand out from the crowd, your copy needs to speak to people in a way they can relate to. On top of basic editing, we can take all longwinded sentences and obscure words and craft them into simple and succinct messages. We’ll make each point clear and concise, and overall make copy more digestible.

Create emotional content
Research suggests that writing which triggers an emotional response has more influence on decision making than the content of the writing itself. In fact, we’re twice as likely to go for brands that appeal to our emotions than ones that don’t. We’ll help you identify your customers’ needs and desires, and tap into this by crafting words that tug at their heartstrings.

Brand Style Guide
We can help you create a style guide to distribute to all your writers and editors, so that every time someone writes for you, they are all following the same guidelines. You might also give this to agencies that are working for you, or people who guest post on your blog.