Print Storm Oaks: A Publicly Accessible Park and Oak Tree Micro-Forest

At Print Storm, we believe in sustainability, so we're moving forward with our plans to offset all of our carbon emissions across our Dubbo and Mudgee facilities by creating a publicly accessible park and oak tree micro-forest in Gulgong, just north of Mudgee.

The trees will be planted for their superior long term carbon capture characteristics, with an under-planting of flowering natives to support the local eco-system, including bees. In addition to carbon offsets, this project is about giving something back - not just reducing our footprint but improving conditions for everyone around us.

We believe that carbon offsets shouldn't just be a go-to option for businesses to buy their way out of creating carbon emissions - instead, they should create positive change in the world. An ambitious goal, no doubt, but one that's worth aiming for.

Print Storm Oaks is our first step towards achieving this goal, and we're proud to have been able to start this journey with a project that everybody can be a part of. We want you all to have access to this public space, and to encourage and incentivise other businesses to follow in our footsteps.

During 2022, we will begin planting thousands of oak trees at a site just south of Gulgong. With the assistance of a number of professionals in the field, we will shortly begin work on the park, with most trees anticipated to be in the ground by the first or second quarter of 2023. Plans are also underway to create public gardens and BBQ areas for public use.

We look forward to providing further updates in the coming months. In the meantime, we're excited to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so feel free to get in touch!