Graphic Design

Print Storm Graphic Design in Dubbo & Mudgee

Print Storm’s Dubbo and Mudgee colour print and copy shop offices have a team of professional graphic designers dedicated to making your material not only look good, but making sure it works as marketing, branding or personal expression pieces.

Our graphic designers love to bring your ideas to life, combining your knowledge and business expertise with their skills in visual communication.

They’re experts at giving your material a consistent look and feel, making sure it is readable at a variety of sizes and is visually appealing. Our designers can set-up or work with existing style guidelines and will make sure correct colours, fonts, logos and images are used.

Their designs target your customer base, highlighting unique selling points and other market differentiators in ways that clearly represent your brand to clients and customers.

They’re also well-versed in the technical requirements of different print processes and materials, saving you time and eliminating possible errors. 

Fast and economical reprints

We keep all your work backed-up and so files can easily be accessed for fast reprints, saving you time and money. This also means the files can be accessed for revisions.

Need a logo?

Gaining brand, product or company recognition is made easier with a professionally designed logo. It can be used on all your materials from stationery to signage and promotions, providing a consistent look and message. One of our designers will take a brief, discussing the look you are after, what your business provides and the experience customers can expect from dealing with your business or service.

After quote approval you’ll be provided with a number of drafts, then communicate with the designer through a process of choosing, revising and finalising.They’ll provide you with the file formats you need for high resolution printing, web use, even embroidery, in full colour and black and white.

Won’t graphic design cost a lot and take ages?

As our graphic designers are in-house, they‘re used to working quickly and cost-effectively because they know you want your job to be designed, printed and delivered ASAP! They also know that taking a detailed brief, asking questions, listening carefully to your requirements from the start and giving a comprehensive quote keeps the process streamlined and clear.

Getting your work done by a graphic designer is nearly always a cost-saving in the long run because it means you can concentrate on running your business.

Sending us your artwork versus letting us do it for you

Unless you already use a graphic design service and can supply print-ready art from industry-standard programs like InDesign or Illustrator, we strongly encourage you to leave the design to us. It’s quite OK to supply us with something that looks like what you’re after so we can recreate it, but providing anything but plain text from a Word file often means we have to charge extra to prepare artwork with the specifications required for commercial printing.

Need more information about graphic design?

Get in touch with our team to discuss your design requirements and get a quote. You can call our Mudgee office on (02) 6372 7599 or our Dubbo office on (02) 6882 3773 to chat to us.