Envelope Seals

Back in the day, envelopes were sealed with wax and personalised with a wax seal stamp usually made of brass with a wooden handle. Times have changed and while you can still personalise your envelopes it doesn’t require making a hot wax mess!

Customised self-adhesive envelope seals give envelopes a stylish touch for personal or business communications.

Envelope seal designs might include your initials, a logo, image or sender’s address – whatever you need to look professional and make the right impression on your receivers.

Easier and more hygienic than licking and sticking, envelope seals can be printed to match custom envelopes too.

  • 38 mm diameter round
  • White gloss or uncoated recycled stock
  • Option for gold or silver foil on clear stock (great for wedding invitations and thank yous)
  • Self-adhesive vivid, full-colour print

Call now and talk to one of our designers about your requirements or if your artwork is ready to go, simply order envelope seals online.

We’ll print, pack and deliver express to anywhere in Australia. Your beautiful envelope seals will arrive, ready for use.