Folded Flyers

Printing a folded flyer, also known as a brochure, is a superb option if you want to share more information than a single flyer or postcard allows. Folded flyers have more pages, so they’re better for sharing more detailed information about your business, projects, events or those big amazing ideas you’ve been working on.

They’re essentially a flat sheet folded to make a multipage document. You can pack them with high-quality printed images and design them beautifully and strategically to pack a punch with the information you want to communicate.

Fiddly spec info:

  • A 4-Page (4pp) Foldout DL measures 198x210mm flat
  • A 6-Page (6pp) Foldout DL measures 297x210mm flat (A4).
  • We can either Roll Fold or Z-Fold your flyers. Please indicate which fold you would like in the Instructions & Comments field.
  • Design and copywriting services are available with our epic creative team, so feel free to chat to us about that too.