Safe workplaces with Australian Safety Tag printing

Safety tags are important in communicating hazards and warnings to anyone setting foot on a work or business site. They’re used to help maintain a safe working environment and because there are so many different things to be aware of in the workplace, we print on a range of formats depending on the intended use or purpose of your tags.

We can print tags on one or both sides and in multiple bright colours for visibility and impact. Our range of options means we can print on durable and tough materials for harsher working conditions, while a gentler material like cardboard could be used in more moderate environments. We can print onto paper, card, synthetic paper, film, weather and tear resistant paper, plastics and other write-on materials. And all this can be done on a variety of sizes.

We offer standard and custom tags, meaning we can use an existing stock template or you can provide us with your own artwork. Alternatively you could use our design service, and we’ll create your tag’s design in house, incorporating your company logo and brand colours. Optional stringing can be attached to any tag, including cotton, elastic, wire or nylon to enhance durability.

We only offer high quality safety tags, and we offer them at competitive prices. Our resources allow us to produce large or small orders and we’re happy to do so because we know there’s no room for error when it comes to safety in the workplace.

Call Print Storm today on 026372 7599 to discuss your safety tag needs. Our tags can help you prepare for safety inspections and keep your employees safe.

We offer:
• Safety tags
• Danger tags
• Lockout tags
• Repair tags
• Warning tags
• Do Not Operate tags
• Confined Space tags
• Valve tags
• Plus more…
Safety Tag Printing Options
• Printing. In colour on both sides
• Stocks. Variety of printing materials
• Eyelets. Range of sizes
• Stringing. Optional stringing incl. cotton, elastic or wire
• Other Features. Numbering, perforating
• Artwork. Design & Typesetting services available