Our Team & Vision

Once upon a time, in 2006, we recognised that digital technology would be the future of printing, and so Print Storm was established in Gulgong that very year. Since then we’ve come a long way (all the way to Mudgee!) We now provide our products and services to a customer base from all over Australia, and recently opened a brand new office in Dubbo.

Print Storm houses a team of skilled, vibrant, enthusiastic and motivated graphic designers and print experts that work closely with you to deliver awesome results for your business. Whether you’re after a new logo, a whole new brand or a bit of business stationary designed for your office or signage for your work vehicle, Print Storm can provide what you want, quickly and cost effectively.


Paul Cavalier

Managing Director

Paul Cavalier has over 17 years experience in the print industry. He has managed and run his own successful business, Print Storm, for over 15 years, and was instrumental in its growth from a two-person operation to an internationally recognised company. He has served as a Councillor (and Deputy Mayor) with the Mid-Western Regional Council since 2012, and as a Station Commander with Fire and Rescue NSW since 2005.

He has extensive experience in sheetfed and large format printing, marketing, social media and business management, as well as establishing a significant footprint in the digital print industry, right across Australia. Paul also enjoys flying planes (he’s had his licence since he was 18), playing music (drummer) and technology (he’s a bit of an Apple fanboy).


Yui Kimura

Design Team Leader

Yui is our Design Team Leader and has a first name as adorable as her childhood dream to grow up to become a puppy. Funnily, her quirks followed her into her adulthood where she plays Fantasy Football against her husband and brother-in-law - and also walks her cats.

With a knack for making things look good, Yui took a Diploma in Graphic Design and worked as a Graphic Designer for four years before coming to Print Storm.

But Yui doesn’t just create nice things (like the artwork she had displayed at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane), she likes to do them too. She tries to spend as much time as she can with her ageing Asian parents, she “goes witnessing” on weekends and she has an ambition to help and support people in need.

It’s worth mentioning that having been born in Japan but raised in Australia, Yui still speaks fluent Japanese.


Jayne Sivyer

Despatch Manager

Dedicated mother of three, on top of being a squash devotee, Jayne is our trusty Finishing & Despatch Manager. Super approachable and always up for a chat, Jayne is a red-wine loving, dark-chocolate eating, absolute delight to be around.
With an abundance of experience in management, her organisational and bookkeeping skills are what help keep the ins and outs of Print Storm on game.
On the weekends you’ll find her trying to get away on getaways. This mostly means going on long walks in the bush but she also likes to camp under the stars and attend music concerts she can chill the heck out at.
Jayne also uses her positive attitude and people skills to sell health and beauty products as an Independent Consultant. We like having Jayne around, she brightens up all despatch processes.


Mick Jarvis

Printing Machinist

On top of being an all-round good bloke, Mick is Print Storm’s resident “Printing Machinist”, who also owns a cockatoo named Cheeky.
But Mickey-J isn’t just a bird-loving printing guru, he’s also an engine enthusiast with a particular interest in 60s/70s Chryslers, which saw him convert an old wreck of a ’69 Valiant Coupe into a pristine head-turning machine.
Qualified as a Tradesman Printer and Forklift Operator, he’s spent a most of his professional life in printing, working as a Guillotine Operator as well as in Offset and Letterpress Printing. All the while managing his work/life balance so he had time to eat quality steaks, drink Jack Daniels, play cricket and proudly raise his son.
Mick reckons he’s too old to include major ambitions in his bio, but one thing he does dream about is the day when he can print full colour in one pass.


Jessica O’Reilly

Community Manager

With 10 years marketing experience, 7 years copywriting experience and a new wealth of printing experience, Jess is well positioned to hold the slashy title of Community Manager/Copywriter/Administration Coordinator. But you can just call her Jess.
When Jess isn’t enjoying the comforts of a glass of wine, you’ll usually find her looking for stories for her blog on the outskirts of her comfort zone (see comfortisforwimps.com).
She also writes articles for publications like Vice and Huffington Post, and when she isn’t doing any of the above, she’ll be having a nap or day dreaming about world peace.
Jess loves meeting and talking to new people, but most of her affection is split between two dogs that don't actually belong to her.


Hayley Morrow


Hayley is Print Storm’s leading lady in Administration. She wanted to be a Police Officer when she was younger and look out, Crime, because she still does. In the meantime though, Hayley is helping Print Storm grow with her Certificate lll in Business and wealth of experience in running a damn fine show in retail.
Although one may think Hayley’s biggest personal achievement is staying away from Coke Zero for a day, she actually says it’s her success in raising a happy child. Between trying to be an awesome mum and playing sport, Hayley tries to spend time with her friends and go on wild crazy adventures of sorts.
Clearly a girl with a soft touch, her ambition is to one day pursue her dream of a career that helps people. And quite frankly, we would love to see our fierce Hayley fighting crime!


Emma Cheetham

Team Leader - Signage & Large Format

Emma is Print Storm’s Team Leader in the “Malteaser Taste Testing Section”. That’s what we let her call herself anyway, we just utilise her excellent skills in signage & large format.
A can-do attitude is what we love about Emma; no sign or banner request is too big or small. She runs the machines like a wizard and is clearly as knowledgeable about sign printing as she is about growing her Dahlias, which she plans to enter in the Gulgong Show to beat all the old ladies.
Emma likes animals but her dream to be a vet ended when she realised she hated studying. Instead, she created a mini zoo for herself on the farm. So now she owns a bunch of four-legged creatures with funny names like Periwinkle and Wally.
Her husband Matt is her besty. They hang out eating cheese and Jatz with Canadian Club and VB.


Jenn Carter

Operations Manager

Jen (or JC if you’re tight with her) is our Sales Manager because she can sell you anything, including all the best reasons to go for Friday drinks. A fine-scotch fan and a food fanatic, she really is great to have around the office (you know, when she’s not gallivanting around Europe taking amazing photos and making everyone jealous).

JC’s a strong character, which is hardly surprising. She did, after all, not only previously succeed in seven years of sales management at Telstra, but she also made it all the way through childhood as the youngest of nine children. Impressed? We are.

On weekends you’ll find Jen having fun, which could be with friends at home or exploring new places she’s never been. She has an ambition to travel the whole world before 40. This is an inspiring goal, and luckily a lot more likely to be hit than her original dream to be a lead singer in a band. Though, we would definitely support that direction too.