When a business truly understands its brand, the way it connects with customers should be distinct and consistent. A brand should be identifiable not just by the way it looks but by its tone of voice and the way it communicates.

We know this because we have a copywriter on board who understands the importance of adding touches of personality into messaging to sell or promote products and services. Our copywriting service is for helping you communicate across flyers, posters, invitations and general print marketing materials, as well as website copy, email marketing/digital newsletters and even social media.

Social media

We have package options for your Facebook page (and if you’re a Twitter we can extend the packages across that too). Packages include research, strategic thinking and the idea generation involved in the creation of 5x scheduled Facebook posts for each weekday. Content will be relevant to your business and the wider community using your brand with tone of voice.

An extended version of this package offers research into your competitors, as well as subtle engagement with your customers to emphasise your social media presence (this includes liking, commenting on and sharing their posts).

We can also create one-off social media campaigns and competition ideas. Just call us to discuss the brief.