Selfie Frames

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What’s a Selfie Frame?

A pre-cut frame, customised with your design or branding and held up while taking selfies, group shots or promotional photos. They’re popular with businesses and customers alike and the photos are posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as used in emails and on printed materials.

The frames are completely customisable with business branding, commemorative slogans, tag lines, text or your own print-ready design, depending on the event.

Selfie frames are a great way of capitalising on the fact that people just love to take photos! Using a selfie frame when taking photos at events and exhibitions makes it even more fun and gets your message out to a targeted and/or wide audience on social media.

Why Use Selfie Frames?

  • Selfie frames promote engagement and relaxed fun with customers and clients, both while the photo is being taken and after it is posted
  • Branded social media sharing and lead capture – encourages likes, followers and further social sharing
  • High impact, low cost – pictures posted and customers engaged with selfie frame photos is great business or event exposure for very low cost and which can lead to huge returns

Our selfie frames are printed full colour and made of waterproof plastic so they’ll easily withstand a spilled drink or rain shower and will keep their shape after frequent use.

We supply frame sizes that are perfect for snapshot selfie frames 1 - 2 people or large frames that suit anything from 3 people to large groups.

Using Selfie Frames in Business

  • Snap selfies with your exhibition or trade show visitors and tag them on social media for an instant connection.
  • Use selfie frames at store openings or to publicise new season stock. Photograph customers attending or with their new purchases, then tag them online.
  • Product launches and parties are complete when you use a branded selfie frame! Your customers will have fun and make it a time to remember.

Selfie frames are quick to print and can be delivered express right around Australia.

Design your own selfie frame using one of our easy-to-use templates, or contact our designers to let them know what you need.

Call now to discuss your requirements or simply order your custom-printed selfie frame online.