Spot UV Business Cards

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A good business card is a communication and marketing tool and helps convey the brand identity of your business. It is a point of contact and connection for new customers and clients, an appointment card and a catalyst for repeat business.

When you choose Spot UV for your business card, it shows that you care about the details and you’ll go the extra mile.

Spot UV is a gloss varnish used to emphasize selected elements of your card. It gives the card a premium look and feel and helps express what your business brings to clients and customers.

Choose a standard size that fits neatly in wallets and business card holders, or go further with a custom size. Printing is full colour, single or double sided, with excellent colour reproduction and crisp detail.

We know what makes a good business card, and want to make sure you get it right the first time with Print Storm’s professional business card printing, delivered Australia-wide.

Need a new design or thinking about freshening up your old one? Talk to our designers, who love bringing your business card ideas to life! 

Business card dimensions

Our cards can be ordered in a standard business card size or customised:

  • 89mm x 54mm (portrait or landscape)
  • Custom (smaller than 89mm x 54mm)
  • Spot UV one or both sides

Card stock

Paper (or paper stock) used in commercial printing has a language all its own! The weight of paper is measured in gsm, or grams per square metre. As a guide, copy paper is 80gsm, gloss or matt brochure paper is commonly 150gsm and business cards are printed on 300gsm and upwards card stock or board.

We print our cards on 350gsm high bulk artboard or 450gsm deluxe artboard. These boards are premium quality, cost effective and provide the best result for full colour printing and specialised finishes. Velvet Laminating, the application of a type of thin film, gives the card a very smooth finish and the necessary contrast to display the glossy spot UV.

Card design

A well-designed good looking business card is much more likely to be kept. It will stand out from the crowd and communicate quality at a glance, making it a valuable promotional tool. This is also a smart reason for having a double sided card. A smaller logo and details on one side with a larger logo on the other means your business is communicating its brand, no matter which way up it is seen.

Just as important is to present a consistent look across all your stationery and other printed resources. Whether it’s time for an upgrade or a new look, we’re experts at design and can even help you come up with a branding statement for your business.

Portrait or landscape?

Portrait or landscape orientation has its origin in visual art, referring to the ratio of dimensions used when painting a portrait of a person’s head and shoulders, or for a picture incorporating a built or natural landscape.

Deciding whether to have a portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) business card should take into account the size and shape of your logo, whether your business name can easily fit, consistency with your other stationery and what your customer and clients will respond to. Some business card holders are only set up for landscape and a landscape card is certainly a more formal and conservative choice. As more young people start businesses, however, there has been an increase in vertical cards.

It’s always possible to adapt a design for portrait and landscape, but if you’re doing a double sided card, keep the same orientation for both sides. Look up our square card options if you’d rather avoid the need to make that decision!

A brief history of the business card

In 17th century Europe and England, social ‘calling cards’ were all the rage. However, Chinese traders, merchants and businessmen had been using â’trade cards’ since the 15th century. Over the 18th and 19th centuries in the West, calling cards tended more and more to be used for purely social purposes. 

By the 1950s a commercially-focussed calling card had become what we now know as business cards. In all cases, small cards have been a way of communicating, keeping a record of contacts and setting up meetings for personal and professional opportunity.

Wondering how to print a business card in Word or PDF?

If you’re supplying your own artwork in Microsoft Word or PDF, it’s important to read our setup guide to make sure your cards will print the way you want.

When you’re ready for business cards call us on 1800-2-PRINT or place your order online.

Where do we deliver?

We print business cards for clients in Mudgee, Sydney and Australia wide. As a regional business our prices are competitive; we don’t print cheap business cards but we do print them at good prices.

Need more information?

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