Custom Printed Notepads

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Notepads are an inexpensive way to get your business name into workplaces and homes.

Our promotional and corporate notepads are printed full colour in sizes from A6 (postcard size), to DL , A5 and A4. Page design options include lines, grid paper, grid dots or plain – anything that provides value for your clients and customers.

Choose from carbonless, a custom cover or magnetic notepads for the fridge. Wherever it goes, a complimentary notepad delivers your business name to clients and customers on every sheet!

Custom made notepads are perfect as gifts and for giveaways at conferences, events and meetings. Unlike toys and stickers, they’re instantly practical and are much less likely to be discarded!

Document sizes

Standard International Paper Sizes come in three ranges – A, B and C. The most widely used for general printing and stationery is the A series.

A4 is known as international letterhead size (297mm  x 210mm). It’s easy to hold, store in a file or folder, and has space for a lot of information, photographs and diagrams. Most office printers take A4 paper.

A5 is half A4 size, 148mm wide x 210mm high. A5 pads are great for desks or countertops when there isn’t enough space for an A4 pad.

A6 is, you guessed it, half A5 size! Similar to a postcard, 105mm x 148mm makes a great notepad size for reminders and quick messages and will fit in a handbag, car door or pocket.

DL stands for Dimension Lengthwise and was originally known for a slightly bigger envelope size. Thesedays it’s more commonly thought of as 99mm x 210mm that fits 3 across on A4. DL notepads are great for lists - checklists, shopping lists, you name it!

Paper types

Paper (or paper stock) used in commercial printing has a language all its own! The weight of paper is measured in gsm, or grams per square metre. As a guide, copy paper is 80gsm, gloss or matt brochure paper is commonly 150gsm and business cards are printed on 300 to 350gsm paper referred to as card stock or board.

Our notepads are printed on 100gsm laser uncoated. You may have heard about coated and uncoated paper. It doesn’t refer to laminating or celloglazing, but how the paper is manufactured.

Uncoated stock is paper in its natural state. The miniscule gaps between the fibres mean it is more porous, will absorb more ink and has a slightly rough feel. When it is printed, edges are softer and colours not quite as vivid, but it has a welcoming look and feel and is a great match for the right business brands. Most (but not all) 100% recycled stock is uncoated. Naturally, uncoated paper is perfect for writing on and that’™s why we use it for our notepads.

Coated stock is produced by filling the gaps between the paper fibres with chalk or china clay and natural or synthetic binders. The paper is then calendered – pressed between rollers – to smooth the surface. Coated stock is therefore less absorbent to ink, making printed colours brighter and detail crisper. When a paper is described as gloss, matt, satin or silk, this means it is coated.

The same weight uncoated paper often seems heavier than a coated stock, so it is a good idea to look at samples, or ask your printer or designer’s advice on choosing the right weight stock for your purpose.

NCR (No Carbon Required)

Like docket books, our custom carbonless notepads are an easy way to duplicate messages, lists or other vital information. Carbonless copy paper has ink micro-encapsulated on the underside of the top sheet, and a clay coating on the face of the sheet below. When writing on the top sheet, the tiny ink capsules rupture and react with the clay to duplicate what was written on the top sheet.

Colour options

Notepads can be printed one, two or full colour. What does that mean? Before economical full colour printing was available, a great deal of printing used only one or two colours and was done on printers designed for this purpose. These days ‘spot’ colour printing as it’s known, has become a more unusual option,  most often used for specialty packaging, wine labels and stationery. Colours are chosen from the industry standard Pantone Matching System (PMS colours), and the inks mixed just prior to printing.

Combinations of four inks – cyan, magenta, black and yellow (CMYK) – are used to produce full colour printed notepads. Whilst this used to be a very costly process, new technology and digital printing has made it much more economical, especially for small quantities.


Great notepad design incorporates easily recognisable business branding while still leaving plenty of room to make notes. Personalised gifts can include beautiful illustrations or photos in the design, making them a treasured reminder.

Supply your own print-ready artwork, or talk to our designers about the best way to get your message across and effectively represent your business brand.

The time’s always right for a custom notepad – order online today or call to discuss what you need.