Metallic Business Cards

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Metallic business cards are simply...deluxe

Whether you prefer gold or silver, metallic business cards have their own place in the premium range. Specify your tailored and customised cards or take your current design to a new level.

A metallic logo, business name or background element will set you apart from your competitors. It communicates style, high standards and respect for valued clients and customers. They know your service is a cut above.

Metallic business cards can be conservative or creative, serious or fun. But they always get attention. Supply print-ready artwork or let our professional designers bring your unique business card ideas to life.

We print full colour and metallic ink single or double sided. Choose a size and shape – standard, petite, square or with rounded corners – that speaks to your business brand. Cards are finished with a matt celloglaze, making them durable and silky smooth.

Businesses who order metallic cards range from custom automotive to corporate event planners, makeup artists to clubs, restaurants and consultants. It’s our experience that once you’ve ordered metallic business cards, you’ll always order metallic business cards!


Our cards can be ordered in one of three standard sizes or customised:

  • 89mm x 54mm (portrait or landscape)
  • 89mm x 54mm with 5mm rounded corners
  • Square (65mm x 65mm with 5mm rounded corners)
  • Custom (smaller than 89mm x 54mm)

Card stock

Paper (or paper stock) used in commercial printing has a language all its own! The weight of paper is measured in gsm, or grams per square metre. As a guide, copy paper is 80gsm, gloss or matt brochure paper is commonly 150gsm and business cards are printed on anywhere from 300gsm to 360gsm card stock or board.

We print our metallic cards on a 350gsm high bulk artboard. This board is premium quality, cost effective and provides the best result for the combination of full colour and metallic ink printing. Matt celloglazing, the application of a type of thin film, then gives the card a very smooth finish and protects the printed surface.

Full colour + metallic

Full colour printing is a lot more economical and available in smaller quantities than it used to be. This is largely due to technological advances and digital printing. The inks used in full colour printing haven’t changed, though.

The term ‘CMYK’ is often thrown around by printers and designers. This stands for four inks – cyan, magenta, black and yellow – that are used to produce full colour (also called four colour) printing. It is very important that artwork and images used in full colour printing are set to CMYK. 

Metallic cards actually require five colour printing, adding what’s called a ‘spot’ colour, a solid colour ink taken from the industry standard Pantone Matching System. The gold we use is PMS 872 and silver PMS 877.

Card design

A well-designed good looking business card is much more likely to be kept. It will stand out from the crowd and communicate quality at a glance, making it a valuable promotional tool. This is also a smart reason for having a double sided card. A smaller logo and details on one side with a larger logo on the other means your business is communicating its brand, no matter which way up it is seen.

Just as important is to present a consistent look across all your stationery and other printed resources. Whether it’s time for an upgrade or a new look, we’re experts at designing and even helping you come up with a branding statement for your business.

Portrait or landscape?

Portrait or landscape orientation has its origin in visual art, referring to the ratio of dimensions used when painting a portrait of a person’s head and shoulders, or for a picture incorporating a built or natural landscape.

Deciding whether to have a portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) business card should take into account the size and shape of your logo, whether your business name can easily fit, consistency with your other stationery and what your customer and clients will respond to. Some business card holders are only set up for landscape and a landscape card is certainly a more formal and conservative choice. As more young people start businesses, however, there has been an increase in vertical cards.

It’s always possible to adapt a design for portrait and landscape, but if you’re doing a double sided card, keep the same orientation for both sides. You can always avoid the need to make that decision by printing a square card!

A brief history of the business card

In 17th century Europe and England, social ‘calling cards’ were all the rage. However, Chinese traders, merchants and businessmen had been using ‘trade cards’ since the 15th century. Over the 18th and 19th centuries in the West, calling cards tended more and more to be used for purely social purposes. 

By the 1950s a commercially-focussed calling card had become what we now know as business cards. In all cases, small cards have been a way of communicating, keeping a record of contacts and setting up meetings for personal and professional opportunity. Needless to say, during the 17th century, the higher your social stature, the more likely you were to have gold engraving on your calling card!

Wondering how to print a business card in Word or PDF?

If you’re supplying your own artwork in Microsoft Word or PDF, it’s important to read our setup guide to make sure your cards will print the way you want.

When you’re ready for metallic business cards call us on 1800-2-PRINT or place your order online.

Need some more information?

Metallic Business Cards Artwork Guide

Bleed Area: 94mm x 59mm

Please make sure that the background extends to fill the bleed when preparing your artwork. This will ensure that your cards don't get provided with white edges.

Trim Area: 89mm x 54mm

This is the size that your cards will be trimmed to.

Safe Area: 86mm x 51mm

Please ensure that any important aspects of your design are inside this area, including text and logos. Leaving design elements inside of this area means that they may be cut off.

Download a design template

See our Artwork Setup Guide for more details.

Metallic Business Cards F.A.Q

How are my business cards printed?

As a premium product, all of our Metallic business cards are printed on offset presses, for a crisp, sharp and brilliant printing result.

Are you able to design my business cards for me?

Absolutely. If you haven't got the skills, time or resources to design your cards, one our friendly graphic designers can prepare your artwork for you. Please note that an additional fee will be charged for this work.

How quickly will I receive my business cards?

We generally print and despatch our range of appointment cards in 4-5 days. Delivery can take anywhere between 1-3 business days, depending on your location.