Stretched Canvas

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Stretched Canvas Printing Brings Images to Life

Stretched canvas prints are a fantastic way to display photography, illustrations or any other artwork. Your photographs of travel, pets, landscapes or loved ones can also make wonderful, personalised gifts. The quality of the printing and framing means that the prints are suitable for home, commercial or corporate settings.

Why choose stretched canvas?

Accommodation providers, interior designers and home stylists love using stretched canvas prints to bring out a property’s best qualities. Salons, professional service providers and retailers use the prints into their work environment to provide the right ambience – whether that’s calm and soothing or bright and energetic.

As an economical, premium quality product, stretched canvas prints bring important personal photographs to life.

Weddings - don’t hide all these precious memories in a photo album! Display a favourite shot or a series of images to remind you of that special day, the family and friends, the decorations, dresses and magic. 

Births - beautiful canvas prints of new additions are treasured by parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents alike. They grow up so fast that even the babies will love that you honoured them in such a way!

Remembrance - photographs of people in your life who have passed away can be displayed in custom layouts with text added as a meaningful reminder of their place in your heart.

Art - whether it’s photographic, illustrative, painted, drawn or written, a photograph of your creativity and self-expression or a quote that inspires you can become a gallery quality display at a fraction of the cost.

Pets - they’re members of your family, some of them love dressing up (!) and they nearly all love being the star of your photos. Social media posts are so short-lived, so show everyone how much they mean to you with a canvas print that lasts.

Travel - bring those unforgettable memories, landscapes, people and events into your daily life or as surprise gifts for friends and loved ones. The world is always changing, and it’s a great reminder for everyone who gets to see your travel shots displayed rather than hidden away in an album or on a phone.

Home - Isn’t it time you brightened up your home office, living room, bedroom or kitchen? Stretched canvas prints are a low-cost way of redecorating to complement or reinvigorate a room, introduce a new colour palette or set a style standard. When you’ve grown out of sticking paper posters or inkjet printouts to the wall with blu tack, a vibrant stretched canvas print is the obvious option.

They’re a great outlet for your creative streak too – whether you opt for single print, split image, collage or a series of images. Your home can be your very own art gallery. Stretched canvas prints are easy to mount, and keep clean, long lasting and without the maintenance issues that exterior frames have like chipping, fading, breaking and going out of style.

Our production process uses advanced printing technology to ensure crisp, full-colour printing on cotton/poly blend canvases, which are then stretched perfectly over solid wooden frames. All prints are protected using a special laminate spray which provides a professional grade finish.

What’s the cost to stretch canvas?

As well as delivery, our canvas print price includes preparing your digital files for optimal output, full colour printing, stretch framing, lamination, framing backing tape, hanging wire and protective packaging. The prices are highly competitive for such a premium product.


Stretched canvas prints can be as small as 30cm square, more than 2m square or any set of dimensions in between – square or rectangular, portrait or landscape.

Stretched or rolled?

Rolled canvas is printed canvas unmounted. We only supply stretched canvas prints, that is the printed canvas stretched over and fastened to solid timber framing and ready to hang.

What if I don’t have the right photo?

You don’t need to supply any artwork for a stretched canvas print. Simply talk to our designers about what you have in mind and even where the print is going, and they’ll provide a range of image options. They’re expert at coming up with ideas that will convey the mood you want to create and/or your business brand.

I have a photo but it needs work

Our designers can improve or enhance existing images or incorporate them into an overall design that conveys your message, creates the right ambience or attracts viewers’ attention.

Wondering how to print a canvas in Word or PDF?

If you’re supplying your own artwork in Microsoft Word or PDF, it’s important to read our setup guide to make sure your documents will print the way you want.

Order your stretched canvas prints online or talk to us at 1800-2-PRINT and we’ll get your project underway.

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