Oval Labels

White Gloss

Our white gloss labels provide a glossy white backing with the option of full-colour printing on the front. Unobtrusive, these permanent paper labels provide sufficient printable space to tell your customers and colleagues more about the contents of your products

White Matt Vellum

White matt vellum labels give your products an arts and crafts feel. In the past, artisans would make this type of paper from calfskin, though now it is made of cotton and wood pulp. These permanent paper labels come printed in full colour and have a vintage aesthetic. 

White FR8

White FR8 labels are specifically designed for use on pre-frozen products. They feature a strong adhesive specifically developed for sub-zero temperatures. Coming in a gloss finish, these permanent paper labels are custom-printed in full colour.

Wine Stock White (WLK 202)

These gloss-finish water-resistant labels are designed for wine bottles and other refrigerated products. They come with a special WLK 202 adhesive that allows you to fit permanent labels to products liable to condensation. Available custom-printed in full colour.

Kraft Natural

Kraft labels are made using the Kraft paper pulp manufacturing process - a more environmentally-friendly form of traditional paper production - popular among environmentally-conscious customers. These labels are brown in colour, all-natural and available printed in full colour. 

Fluorescent Matt Permanent

Attention-grabbing fluorescent matt permanent labels are ideal for outgoing brands and packaging warnings. Use them as caution signs, package orientation indicators, and brand messaging. Available in yellow, green, orange, pink or red, custom-printed in full colour. 

Polylaser Clear

These gloss finish polylaser clear labels allow you to label your products and packages with clear-backed labels, highlighting your messaging, while preserving the aesthetics of the package. Available in full-colour and suitable for a wide range of applications.