Appointment & Loyalty Cards

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Appointment and loyalty cards keep you in contact with customers and clients.

Next appointment business cards and loyalty cards are an inexpensive marketing tool and a great way to promote repeat business. With your business details on one side and appointments on the other, you’re giving customers a visible reminder of your services and your brand. Likewise, loyalty cards are a great way of giving back to regular customers.

We know what makes a good card – the right information, the right look and a fast printing turnaround at the right price.

Get it right the first time with Print Storm’s professional appointment and loyalty card printing, delivered to you Australia-wide.

Choose a standard size (90mm x 55mm) that fits neatly in wallets and business card holders, or stand out from the crowd with a square card, rounded corners or custom finishes.

Appointment and loyalty cards are printed on a range of premium card stock and we offer 100% recycled options. Printing is full colour, single or double sided, with excellent colour reproduction and crisp detail.

Paper types

Paper (or paper stock) used in commercial printing has a language all its own! The weight of paper is measured in gsm, or grams per square metre. As a guide, copy paper is 80gsm, gloss or matt brochure paper is commonly 150gsm and business cards are printed on 300 to 350gsm paper referred to as card stock or board.

You may have heard about coated and uncoated paper. That doesn’t refer to laminating or celloglazing, but how the paper is manufactured. Uncoated stock is paper in its natural state. The miniscule gaps between the fibres mean it is more porous, will absorb more ink and has a slightly rough feel. When it is printed, edges are softer and colours not quite as vivid, but it has a welcoming look and feel and is a great match for the right business brands. Terms such as laser bond or offset bond indicate uncoated paper. Most (but not all) 100% recycled stock is uncoated.

Coated stock is produced by filling the gaps between the paper fibres with chalk or china clay and natural or synthetic binders. The paper is then calendered – pressed between rollers – to smooth the surface. Coated stock is therefore less absorbent to ink, making printed colours brighter and detail crisper. When a paper is described as gloss, matt, satin or silk, this means it is coated.

The same weight uncoated paper often seems more rigid than a coated stock, so it is a good idea to look at samples, or ask your printer or designer’s advice on choosing the right stock for your purpose.

Whether you print your card on uncoated or coated stock, finishes such as matt or gloss celloglazing, velvet laminating, gold or silver foils or spot UV varnish really make designs stand out. These finishes also make your cards more resistant to moisture and dirt. 

Uncoated stock can be easier to write on for appointment cards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply a range of eye-catching finishes to the other side! Likewise, square cards or rounded corners are a great option. Rounded corners are produced using a metal die, which is a bit like an industrial cookie cutter, with sharp edges and a range of shapes. We can cut one or more rounded corners in different diameters.

Thinking about a new design or freshening up your old one?

Appointment card design covers every kind of business from hair and beauty to automotive, professional services, vital specialist clinics and medical appointment cards. 

Our loyalty cards are popular with clubs, cafes and everyday service providers. Find out about our appointment card maker and free templates, or have a chat to our designers and let them know what you need.

Order cards online or give us a call on 1800-2-PRINT to discuss your requirements.

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