Nobody opens emails anymore – why printed brochures could earn you more than digital marketing

The big wide world we live in heavily revolves around the world-wide web and nothing’s changing here any time soon. Thanks to its cost effectiveness and massive customer reach, digital is well and truly leading in the marketing biosphere. Sure, social media is kicking butt, but do email newsletters really offer a better return on investment than a good-old-fashioned printed brochure? Well, science says no.

An “in-depth neuroscientific study” has said that while digital ads might grab someone’s attention quicker, direct mail gets it for longer. And apparently that extra engagement time impacts recall and ultimately purchases. Which makes total sense in a day and age where we’re constantly flicking between emails, social feeds, web pages and various computer programs. Emails are forever being deleted, disregarded, missed and totally lost in the abyss of messages that take priority. Whereas printed, tangible materials are likely to invite a second or third viewing. Because to have something sitting in front of you, completely still and free of distractions, well, it speaks for itself. It’s something you’ll just chuck in your pocket for a squiz over lunch or leave on the kitchen bench to admire with a cuppa.

You’ll find that direct mail will often trump paid-for ads in magazines and newspapers as well. Think about the noise and carry on surrounding a simple ad in the paper. A nice brochure or postcard is solely about you and your business. You are the star of the show - ain’t nobody trying to steal your thunder. That’s why it’s called direct marketing, and that’s why it’s usually printed in stick-on-the-fridge friendly sizes.

Sydney printers, Mudgee printers; printers Australia wide. They’ll all tell you the same thing. Think about your budget and consider how your potential reach could be negatively affected by a customer’s modern attention span. Chat to Print Storm about what you’re trying to do with your marketing and we can give you some perspective and ideas - and quote you on printing costs (or an entire design and print package).