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Why you should reach out to your customers now, not later

Now, more than ever, your customers need to hear from you. Whether it's to tell them how you're making changes to your processes to better serve them during this time, or just to check on them and see how they're going, making contact during a crisis will be remembered for years to come.

2 April, 2020
Written by Paul Cavalier

COVID-19 Downloadable Signage

Free, downloadable signage to assist businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Simply download and print. If you can't print it, we can help (obviously!)

30 March, 2020
Written by Paul Cavalier

Our three hottest tips for social media in 2019

With over two billion people now on Facebook, 335 million on Twitter, and one billion users on Instagram, there's absolutely no doubt that your customers are either on one of these platforms, and if they aren't, they will be soon. Here's out top three tips for social media dominance in 2019.

12 March, 2019
Written by Paul Cavalier