Magnetic Postcard

A memento that lasts. 
Unless it sticks, it won’t stay. That’s the motto to remember when it comes to sending memorable birthday invitations, custom save the dates for your wedding and more. 
YOU need magnetic postcards from Print Storm, for a memento that truly lasts. Do you really want to hear from Aunt Gertrude three days before your big event, in a fluster because she’s lost your flimsy paper wedding invitation? Actually. Maybe don’t answer that. (Note: We also sell paper invitations. Also note: Ours are not flimsy.) 
Save the date magnets never looked so good! Your guests will delight in slappin’ theirs on the fridge, for ALL the eyes to see from now until, well… until forever. Remember that magnet you’ve got on the fridge that was born long before you? Like that! Fridge magnets just. don't. date.  
Not only are our postcard fridge magnets easy on the eye, they’re oh-so-handy. Thinking of customising yours with on-point business branding? Smart move. Like we said – these things stick around until the end of time, meaning you’ll have more eyeballs on your brand than you can count. 
Tradies turn to us for our personalised promotional magnets. Blocked pipe? Call the plumber, his number’s on the fridge. Backyard needs maintenance? That’s one for Greg – lucky his details are nice and easy to find, you guessed it – on the fridge. Filing cabinet magnets are a must, and whiteboards don't discriminate, last time we checked. So you can whack these on there too, if you please! 
Life’s a breeze with postcard magnets. We’ve designed them for kids, for wedding thank you cards (Aunt Gertrude included!), with your favourite recipes on them, and with hilarious quotes. Our customisable magnets also make lovely personalised gifts. You can literally put anything on these beauties – so why not have some fun with it?  
You’ll fit everything you need on our magnetic postcards, sized at 148mm x 105mm with vivid, full-colour printing to ensure you get noticed. 
Supplying your own artwork for printing? Too easy! Check out our handy artwork setup guide to ensure it meets the specifications. 
Don’t disappoint Aunt Gertrude. Order your fridge magnet design and printing online today, or contact Print Storm to discuss your specific requirements.