Print Storm has acquired Alexandria Digital Communication

Today is an exciting day for the Print Storm family, and marks a significant milestone for our business as we announce our acquisition of Alexandria Digital Communication. With a team of additional, highly skilled professionals set to join our team from Friday 1st April 2022, we’re now better positioned than ever to achieve our goal of helping small businesses do big business.

With photographers, videographers, animators, designers and experts in marketing and brand development joining our company, the acquisition of Alexandria Digital Communication will significantly increase our overall capacity, and move us further into the marketing and brand development space. We see this as a hand in glove fit that will perfectly complement our extensive range of products and services. When it comes to marketing, branding, advertising and promotion of your business, Print Storm is now, more than ever, your one stop shop.

One of the most significant factors in the decision we made, was in the parallels that exist between the two businesses. With a huge focus on customer service and experience, Alexandria Digital Communication’s vision for the success and satisfaction of their clients was perfectly aligned with ours, and we’re excited about introducing the team members into the Print Storm family, and what this means for all of our clients.

Despite having “storm” in our name, we’ve been working around the clock to ensure the transition is anything but, and smooth for everyone. For existing clients of Alexandria Digital Communication, very little will change over the next few months. What will change for our clients however, is our capacity to help, support and grow your businesses, and we’re extremely excited about bringing that to you.